What is wind power maintenance

All about Wind Power Maintenance

 Along with the installation and operation, wind power maintenance plays an extremely important role. So what is wind power maintenance? What does wind power maintenance include? Looking for a reputable wind power maintenance service? The answer will be found in the following article:

What is wind power maintenance?

 Wind power maintenance is technical care, including inspection, repair and replacement of mechanical equipment and mechanical details for wind power projects. Aim to fix failures and restore the original operating state when the wind power project has come into operation after a certain period of time.

What is wind power maintenance
What is wind power maintenance

Wind power maintenance method:

Wind power maintenance is mainly applied in the following ways:

  • Periodic maintenance of wind power:

This is a method of wind power maintenance that is performed at predetermined intervals, usually twice a year or based on the specifications and life of the wind turbine and its components of wind electricity.

  • Maintenance when wind power projects have problems:

 During operation, if wind power projects encounter technical problems, or are damaged due to physical impacts or weather, they will be maintained, repaired and refurbished to return to their original operating state head.

  • Maintenance of wind power according to equipment condition:

This is a maintenance method based on the process of monitoring and monitoring the operating status of wind power equipment, to predict possible problems and thereby devise an appropriate maintenance and maintenance plan. according to the age and condition of certain equipment and components.

The purpose and importance of wind power maintenance:

 It can be seen that care and maintenance are considered as one of the important tasks in the field of industrial engineering, especially for equipment with complex technical systems such as wind turbines, the inspection and maintenance must be carried out. must always come first. Maintenance of wind power on time and with the right technique helps:

  • Minimize damage, limit wear and tear, increase the service life and use the value of wind turbine components and equipment.
  • In order to reduce costs and repair time, overcome unexpected problems.
  • Understand the operating status and degraded state of equipment to solve problems before they become serious and affect the entire wind power project.
The importance of wind power maintenance
The importance of wind power maintenance

Wind power maintenance stages:

In order to achieve maximum efficiency, limit all errors and avoid additional costs, the wind power maintenance process must be carried out according to the following stages:

  • Survey, measure and record the operating status of wind turbine components and other machinery equipment.
  • Make a detailed maintenance plan according to the survey data. The plan may include: Time to use from installation until the damage is detected, current equipment status, impacts on other parts, etc.
  • Confirm maintenance based on damage, condition and age of equipment, and have a plan in place to prevent more serious situations.
  • Carry out maintenance work on schedule and timely so as not to affect the operation status of the entire wind power project.
  • Check and accept the final result to ensure the quality and performance of the wind power project after maintenance.
Wind power maintenance stages

Wind power maintenance service at MBWIND:

More than anyone, MBWIND understands the importance of maintenance of wind electrical equipment, so we are constantly improving techniques and service quality to provide an electrical maintenance service system with Comprehensive and optimal machines.

Wind power maintenance service at MBWIND
Wind power maintenance service at MBWIND

MBWIND is committed to providing safe, efficient, fast wind power translation, including:

  • Surveying, and evaluating the actual operating status of wind power and wind power.
  • Perform maintenance, repair, and refurbishment of components and equipment.
  • Provide consultants, with recommendations for potential risks to avoid future risks arising and improve the performance of the device used.
  • Consulting and providing equipment and components suitable for all operating conditions, serving repair needs and replacing broken parts.
  • Support consultancy, answer all questions about wind maintenance and related issues.

MBWIND is always committed to giving customers the most satisfying experience, with:

  • Maintenance service is ready to serve the needs of customers anytime, anywhere.
  • Transparency in maintenance, making detailed reports for the repair and replacement process when customers request.
  • A team of professional and prestigious technicians with many years of experience.
  • The professional customer care team wholeheartedly solves a variety of issues suitable for customer needs.
  • Commitment to prestige with certificates of capacity, safety, quality, and quality management system up to ISO 9001: 2015 and the Safety Management and Health Management System of ISO 45001: 2018.

MBWIND always wants to bring customers the most satisfying experience with the spirit of constantly improving the quality of their services.

If customers need to check, maintain wind power or need advice, please contact MBWIND via information:

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