smooth running of any construction wind project relies on having the correct site equipment. So, what you know about construction site support equipment rental in Vietnam? About heavy equipment used in the construction of wind farms? About rental tractor-truck, forklift, generator, lighting tower for offshore and onshore wind projects? You don’t know where you can rent all of construction equipment for wind farm projects in Vietnam? You are looking for rental services supporting equipment on the construction site for wind farm projects in Vietnam?  MB WIND POWER SERVICE JSC will provide complete solutions to those questions in the article below.

Solutions of construction equipment rental in Vietnam for offshore wind farms project.

Whether you need to light, transport or maintenance your wind farm constructor site, we have a range of products to help keep your project on track and safe. Ranging from tractor-trucks, and forklifts to generators and light towers, we’ve got what you need to complete the tasks you’ll encounter throughout the different phases of a construction wind farm project in Vietnam.

Heavy construction equipment like tractor-truck and forklift and other site supporting equipment such as generator and light tower are used for various purposes in large projects, in particular in wind farm project. Selection of different types of equipment depends on the size of the work and economy of the project and these make construction process more convenient, easier and faster.

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Tractor-truck rental in Vietnam

Rental tractor-truck – choose right solution for wind farm projects. 

Truck-Tractor is a reliable vehicle to utilize transportation process for wind farm construction in view of the fact that most of the assemblages that comprise the wind generator must be delivered on truck-tractor since wind turbine equipment is bulky, heavy and oversized.

The typical 3-blade assembly can weigh 36 tons combined, even one blade alone can weigh up to 12 tons. Because of the significant length of the turbine blades, hauling a wind turbine is frequently done through coordinated road transport initiatives. Therefore, a freight provider who in charge of transporting wind turbine equipment have to possess the standard conditions and know how to move this equipment properly.

 MBWIND – an optimal option for rental tractor-truck in Vietnam

rental tructor-truck in vietnam for wind farm

By having well be conscious of the process of hauling one oversized wind turbine blade, MBWIND we are confident we can become your logistics provider to support your wind power projects.

We provide businesses with cost-effective, convenient and flexible rental tractor-truck solutions. Supporting your construction site as a supplement or alternative option helps you save costs in a variety of aspects according to seasonal and peak business demands, project-based opportunities, and fulfilling long-term commitments.

We provide tractor-truck rental service packages to accommodate your needs for a day, month or longer with wide variety of industry-leading tractor-truck are well maintained, reliable, and modern. MBWIND staff team brings experience and expertise to help lease, develop, and operate tractor-truck, providing access to a large base of potential client, support for the onshore and offshore wind farm construction sites across Vietnam.

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Forklift rental in Vietnam

Rental forklift – a reasonable choice for wind farm projects

Like other construction sites, in wind farm construction, industrial forklifts are used to move materials, turbine components, and people across sites and distances due to they are easy to carry when packaged together.

There are wide range of lift utilized on the nowadays construction, in particular on the onshore and offshore construction site in Vietnam, such as: Telescopic Boom Lifts, Electric, Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts, Rough Terrain Forklifts, Heavy Duty Forklifts. Some type of forklift has a flexible design that bends around and over obstructions, elevating the worker into tight and difficult-to-reach regions, or are noted for their extremely long reach and are ideally suited for specialized tasks that can be completed by a single worker.

what is forklift

MBWIND – an optimal option for rental forklift in Vietnam

MBWIND is offering high-quality rental services as well as equipment from leading manufacturers at competitive daily, weekly, monthly or long-term rates. We provide forklift rental backpages in Vietnam as an optimal choice for low-height material lifting and lowering tasks performed on wind farm construction site.

Whether customers need to rent forklifts for residential and commercial construction or retail and industrial warehousing, we can all satisfy powerful machinery forklift for any material handling requirements, especially for the onshore and offshore wind farm projects in Vietnam. We offer top-quality forklifts with the latest in technology, power and innovation, because we are always fully hoping can ensure that each piece of machinery not only achieves peak performance, but also gain the knowledge to complete customer satisfaction.

Ranging from electric scissor lifts to rough terrain scissor lifts, from rough terrain forklifts to heavy duty forklifts, we have a wide selection of solutions available with short- or long-term rental agreements to meet client’s construction projects prerequisite while minimizing the impact on your budget, deliver quickly, maintain thoughtfully and dedicated customer care.

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Electric Generator rental in Vietnam

construction rental in Vietnam

Rental Electric generator – essential solution for wind farm construction

Electric generators, also known as dynamos is an electric machine that converts motive power (mechanical energy) into electric power for use in an external circuit. The electric generator’s mechanical energy is usually provided by steam turbines, gas turbines, water turbines, internal combustion engines, wind turbines and even hand cranks.

A generator that provides enough power for a site of work, in particular, a wind farm construction site when operating at 70-90% capacity, which aims to do not reduce the project’s operating efficiency. There are some factors you can notice to choose a suitable generator rental service for installing wind farm: Site size, equipment types, reserve power, voltage capacity, and phase.

MBWIND – an optimal option for rental electric generator in Vietnam

rental generator electric in vietnam for wind farm

MBWIND can help your construction tasks operate and run effortlessly, smoothly with renting generators services and other equipment, make them more flexible, lower operating costs, immediate availability and professional staff team.

Our rental generator Range is available from 20 – 2500 kVA, which designed to accommodate the rigorous requirements of temporary power needs for all kind of construction, especially for onshore and offshore wind farm projects in Vietnam. Reliable, fuel efficient, regular maintenance, easy to operate, extremely robust, our generator electric sets are able to withstand the harshest on-site conditions, on both onshore and offshore construction sites.

We offer rental generator set services with commitments that all our products are tested and validated in modern top-quality standard facilities, in order to deliver the best performance and longevity to each piece of equipment we provide. When customers choose our generator rental services, all will receive the highest possible service level by being responsible, efficient, and flexible with the service location across Vietnam.

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Light Tower rental in Vietnam

rental construction site equipment

 Rental Light tower – choose right option for wind farm constructions

Light towers are portable lighting solutions that consist of a series of electric bulbs mounted on the top of a pole which are movable light sources that are commonly used at construction job sites and mines to facilitate night-time work, in particular on wind farm construction sites.

Rental light towers services are offered to give illumination in challenging, even dangerous settings since the high demand for project completion and frequent night work to keep projects on pace. Light tower is very useful on the construction site, in particular on the installing wind farm projects site: increase safety for machines and tools, keeping projects on time and on budget, easily transported, fast, easy set-up.

MBWIND – an optimal option for rental lighting tower in Vietnam

rental lighting tower in Vietnam

MBWIND supply a lot of lighting tower rental options, where you can find out a suitable solution for your work of site as well as wind farm constructions. We offer a full range of different construction site lighting equipment from construction light towers to small, portable lighting equipment for proper job site lighting.

We provide full range lighting tower solutions in order to keep up with the schedule of construction plan, especially the wind farm projects, have to be executed when it is dark, even overnight. To ensure our client have high-power lighting equipment for supporting installing and operation process with high luminous intensity with the strict requirements: Light is not too bright, reflective or heat-generating; light color must not change or affect the notice board of works; Lighting systems must be arranged in appropriate places, not causing unsafety for workers and surrounding residents.

MBWIND has always been the leading supplier of reliable and reputable wind lighting tower for the onshore and offshore wind farm construction today. Because we always put the interests of customers as the guideline for all activities, we will bring you international standard service quality with: Diverse in types, capacity, and ensure that all lighting tower equipment and accessory at MBWIND are genuine.

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 We have a full selection of machines and work tools for construction equipment rental – leasing the construction equipment supporting in Vietnam for operation and maintenance onshore offshore wind project. When you corporation with us, we offer the most diverse selection of rental heavy and support equipment to accommodate a wide range of different construction wind farm project needs. In addition, our team of highly specialized technicians, solid skills, professional consultants, are always dedicated, and ready to support and answer all questions of customers. We provide transparent product policy and long-term, reputable warranty support and 24/7 technical support, commitment to return when problems arise.

Despite numerous common contract forms and obligations, offshore wind farm projects are extraordinarily complicated construction undertakings with a plethora of contractual and technical interactions. MBWIND ensures that these need consider thoughtfully during the preparation and providing the construction site equipment of the offshore installation works.

To help the client’s project manage smoothly and cost-controlled implementation when transportation and operation wind farm project, MBWIND offer a service package rental construction equipment with accurate engineering, preparation. Committed to providing full-service coordination of all transport and installation-related works within the international standard for the most reliable and safe.

MBWIND have a team of professional, dedicated and flexible technicians for customers. Our trained and experienced professionals support counseling about our offering rental construction equipment services for onshore and offshore wind farm projects, assisting customers with load-outs, offshore transport, and foundation, wind turbine, inner array cables, and platform installation.