crane rental services in Vietnam

The leader in offering reliable and optimum quality Crane Rental Services in Vietnam

Are you looking for a crane rental service in Vietnam? Confused by the crane rental services in Vietnam for your construction projects? You need a solution for the rental crane to support your wind farm project with many types of crane rental services hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly? How much does a crane rental cost? How many tons is reasonable to rent a crane with freight and crane equipment? Which crane rental companies is cheap, reputable, and quality? It seems like there are too many choices for you? So why don’t you let MBWIND services help you to solve that matter?

We are the leader in offering reliable and optimum quality Crane Rental Services in Vietnam for construction sites, especially for the onshore and offshore wind farm projects. Ranging from crawler cranes to telescopic cranes, rough Terrain cranes, MB WIND POWER SERVICE JSC provide a specialized heavy lifting solution, help you deliver your project safely and on-schedule.

MBWIND services offer rental crane solutions in Vietnam

crane rental in Vietnam

Crane rental solutions for lifting in Vietnam

We provides custom-built solutions for lifting, transporting, installing large and heavy structures on every site construction in all over Vietnam.

We present and operate in various fields from water transportation, infrastructure, factories, harbour, bridges and roads, export processing zones, and construction sites. As a pioneer in the industry, in particular in support onshore and offshore wind farm projects, we offer cranes rental services from Crane Rental Services, to Material Handling Cranes Rental Services. Furthermore, to meet and satisfy customer’s needs, our cranes are always available, including terrain crane rental services, industrial crane rental services, mobile crane rental services, Hydraulic Crane rental service and material handling cranes rental services.

Before deciding to sign the quote and begin the rental process, the client in MBWIND will suggest crane rental solution follow your site plan, purpose and time requirements, then put together a quote showing the monthly rental rate, plan mobilization and demobilization, and set accessories. After explaining and orientation step, we will turn over the control to the operator and the cranes are ready for work on client’s construction site.

Crane rental solutions for wind farm projects in Vietnam

Crane rentals are a convenient and cost-effective solution for contraction site, particularly for wind farm projects. So, MBWIND always following those requirements and needs to provide range of Crane Rental Services in Vietnam services for wind farm construction consists of Hydraulic Crane (Telescopic Crane, Rough Terrain Crane) and Crawler cranes from 50 tons, 100 tons, 250 tons, 500 tons, 600 tons, 800 tons, 1250 tons…

With a large heavy lifting and haulage equipment and experienced teams of operators in Vietnam, MBWIND can support your onshore and offshore wind farm construction with our rental crane services. Whether you need a standard mobile crane for lifting turbines at the port, or a crawler crane for several months, we are always available to assist you to achieve target goals on or ahead of schedule with our highest standards.

MBWIND is currently recognized as one of the front-runners in the crane rental industry to support wind farm projects in Vietnam. All of our staff are committed to providing safe quality equipment along with completion, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness service and we are committed to servicing our customer’s needs 24/7.

Crane rental in Long An

MBWIND services are providing mobile cranes in Long An for contraction site and wind farm projects ranging various crane capacities.

MBWIND crane rental in Long An includes districts: Đức Huệ, Đức Hòa, Bến Lức, Cần Đước, Cần Giuộc, Thủ Thừa, Tân Trụ, Châu Thành, Thạnh Hóa, Tân Thạnh, Mộc Hóa, Vĩnh Hưng, Tân Hưng, thị xã Kiến Tường and Tân An city…

Cranes are always available with 80 tons, 120 tons, 160 tons, 200 tons.

Crane rental in Bình Dương

MBWIND crane rental in Long An includes districts: Bắc Tân Uyên, Bàu Bàng, Dầu Tiếng, Phú Giáo, thị xã Bến Cát, thị xã Tân Uyên, thành phố Thủ Dầu Một, Dĩ An city and Thuận An city.

Cranes are always available with 80 tons, 120 tons, 160 tons, 200 tons.

MBWIND services provide crane rental services to businesses across Bình Dương. Our crane professionals are available to assess your project and ensure the highest degree of safety and customer satisfaction.


Crane rental in Bình Phước

MBWIND crane rental in Bình Phước includes districts: Đồng Xoài, Phước Long, Bình Long, Chơn Thành, Đồng Phú, Bù Đăng, Bù Đốp, Bù Gia Mập, Lộc Ninh, Hớn Quản, Phú Riềng.

Cranes are always available with 80 tons, 120 tons, 160 tons, 200 tons.

When working with MBWIND team client can expect to receive high quality advice on crane rental equipment and service, so don’t hesitate to contact us to be supported about rental crane in Bình Phước.

Crane rental in Bắc Ninh

MBWIND crane rental in Bắc Ninh includes districts: Thuận Thành, Gia Bình, Quế Võ, Yên Phong, Tiên Du, Lương Tài, thành phố Từ Sơn and Bắc Ninh city.

Currently, MBWIND has been providing cranes for construction and installation of factories, warehouses and workshops in industrial parks in Bac Ninh such as: Industrial Park Tiên Sơn, Industrial Park Quế Võ 1, Industrial Park Quế Võ 2, Industrial Park Yên Phong 1, Industrial Park Yên Phong 2, Industrial Park Đại Kim, Industrial Park Đại Đồng – Hoàn Sơn, Industrial Park HANAKA, Industrial Park Nam sơn – Hạp Lĩnh, Industrial Park Thuận Thành II, Industrial Park Thuận Thành III, Industrial Park Gia Bình, Industrial Park Quế Võ 3, Industrial Park Visip, Industrial clusters Đình Bảng, Industrial clusters Phong Khê, Industrial clusters Đồng Thọ, Industrial clusters Xuân Lâm, Industrial clusters Võ Cường, Industrial clusters Thanh Khương, Industrial clusters Tân Hồng, Industrial clusters Đồng Quang, Industrial clusters Châu Khê, Industrial clusters Táo Đôi…

Cranes are always available with 80 tons, 120 tons, 160 tons, 200 tons.

rental crane in Bac Ninh

Crane rental in Phú Thọ and neighboring provinces

Call MBWIND immediately if you have any questions about crane rental service in Phú Thọ. At MBWIND, we have available crawler cranes: 500 tons, 400 tons, 200 tons, 160 tons, 120 tons, 80 tons,25 tons.

Currently, MBWIND have been providing cranes for construction and installation of factories, warehouses and workshops in industrial parks in Phú Thọ and neighboring provinces, such as: Industrial Park  Thụy Vân, Industrial Park  Cẩm Khê, Industrial Park  Phù Ninh, Industrial Park  Tam Nông, Industrial Park  Hạ Hòa, Industrial Park  Phú Hà, Industrial Park  Trung Hà, Industrial Park  Lâm Thao, Industrial Park  Thanh Thủy and some Industrial clusters like: Vạn Xuân, Đồng Lạng, Bạch Hạc, Phượng Lâu 1, 2…

rental crane in Phu Tho

Crane rental in Đồng Nai

Our experienced service staff inspects each piece of equipment of crane before it leaves our hands to ensure that it is in perfect working order when you receive it, meeting all MBWIND standards Therefore, once you rent from us, you can be sure that the crane you rent is the safest ones available.

Some projects and MBWIND industrial park rental cranes and install equipment in Đồng Nai such as: Industrial Park  Lộc An – Bình Sơn, Industrial Park  Amata, Industrial Park  An Phước, Industrial Park  Bàu Xéo, Industrial Park  Biên Hòa 1, Industrial Park  Biên Hòa 2, Industrial Park  Dệt May Nhơn Thạch, Industrial Park  Định Quán, Industrial Park  Gò Dầu, Industrial Park  Hố Nai, Industrial Park  Long Khánh, Industrial Park  Long Thành, Industrial Park  Loteco, Industrial Park  Nhơn Thạch 1, Industrial Park  Nhơn Thạch 2, Industrial Park  Nhơn Thạch 3, Industrial Park  Nhơn Thạch 5, Industrial Park  Nhơn Thạch 6, Industrial Park  Sông Mây, Industrial Park  Ông Kèo, Industrial Park  Tam Phước, Industrial Park  Tân Phú, Industrial Park  Thạnh Phú, Industrial Park  Xuân Lộc, Industrial Park  Long Đức, Industrial Park  Long Bình, Industrial Park  Suối Tre, High-tech Zone Long Thành and other industrial clusters: Long Bình, Thạnh Phú 1, Thạnh Phú 2, Tam Phước, Bình Sơn, Lộc An…

Crane rental in Bình Thuận

MBWIND crane rental in Bình Thuận includes districts: Tuy Phong, Bắc Bình, Hàm Thuận Bắc, Hàm Thuận Nam, Tám Linh, Đức Linh, Hàm Tân, Phú Quí, La Gi town and Phan Thiết city.

Cranes are always available with 80 tons, 120 tons, 160 tons, 200 tons.

Some wind farm projects in Binh Thuận we supply construction and installation cranes such as: Wind power project Phong Điện 1, Phú Lạc, Đại Phong, Hồng Phong 1…

Before leaving our hands, our skilled service personnel inspects each piece of crane equipment to guarantee that it is in excellent operating condition and meets all MBWIND requirements. Thereby, when you hire from us, you can be confident that the crane you are renting is one of the safest available.

rental crane in Binh Thuan

Why should you choose crane rental services at MBWIND?

With our solid technical background and professional crane rental service, in the process of formation and development, MBWIND services have established ourselves as one of the leading companies in the field of crane rental currently. MBWIND has been and will continue to operate and support thousands of projects of organizations, businesses and individuals with services that bring solutions and methods with the highest value for clients.

Various tonnage

  • Crawler Crane: 100-120-150-180-250-300-450-500-600-650-750-800-1250 TONS
  • Mobile Crane: 10-25-30-50-70-80-90-100-110-120-150-160-200-225-250-300-400-450-500-800 TONS

Periodic maintenance

Our equipment is checked and maintained regularly, ensuring the best performance, full of safety factors to operate in high intensity working environment.

Optimal lifting solution

Our operation team is experienced, careful and responsible. With those values, we are confident that our services will bring a lot of value to customers

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