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Are you looking for a unit to install equipment for factories, export processing zones… in Vietnam? Are you looking for monitoring costs during equipment installation? Are you looking for the cost of equipment installation supervision or construction equipment installation supervision? Or are you looking for a contract to install equipment?
MBWIND is the leading unit in Vietnam for the installation, shift equipment at factories, export processing zones… Our company has full equipment and high-tech human resources ready to provide installation services, loading and unloading equipment by crane, forklift and by manual manual method. 

Expenses for supervision of equipment installation in construction investment projects

On April 5, 2019, the Ministry of Construction issued documentary 692/BXD-KTXD to send to the Investment and Construction Management Board of Irrigation 5, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on determining the cost to supervise the installation. installation of equipment for construction investment projects.

Equipment manufacturing contractors are responsible for the quality of equipment produced and manufactured by themselves, submitting to the principal the production process, quality control during the manufacturing process and the acceptance and testing process according to the requirements of the design. Self-control quality and coordinate with contractors in quality control during production and manufacturing. Provide relevant certifications and certificates in accordance with the law on product quality.
The investor has rules specifying the quantity, type and technical requirements of the product and equipment. Implement quality control during manufacturing and production according to the process signed in the valid contract.

Expenses for consulting and installation of construction equipment currently, comply with the provisions of Decision No. 79/QD-BXD dated February 15, 2017 of the Minister of Construction announcing the norms of project management costs and construction investment consultant “Cost of supervision and installation of equipment is determined according to the norm of percentage (%) (published in table no. 23 in this Decision) multiplied by the price of the bidding package for procurement of materials and equipment , install equipment into the approved work (without VAT tax).

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Source: Official Letter 692/BXD-KTXD


Let’s with MBWIND find out how the supervision of construction equipment installation will take place? What is the content of equipment installation supervision? And all the information about the certificate of supervision of construction equipment installation, certificate of supervision of medical equipment installation, certificate of competence in construction and installation of construction equipment, certificate of construction and installation of equipment works, certificates of capacity for supervision of equipment installation, supervision of electrical equipment installation.

Requirements of the installation of construction equipment

It is necessary to check the machine carefully as soon as the machine box is opened, to ensure that all parts are complete. The details, right type as the design specified. Machine integrity, degree of preservation and minor damage to be handled.

The ground to place the machine must be in the right position, ensuring the coincidence. And the interaction between parts and machines together, not letting deviation affect the operation process.

Contract for installation of machinery and equipment

Construction and installation of machinery and equipment contracts is a common form of service contract. MBWIND shares about the latest model of construction and installation contract in 2022 for your reference as well as easier in concluding the contract.



iso 450012018
iso 90012015
certificate of capacity for construction activities
Certificate of completion

Reasons why you should choose us

MBWIND is a professional construction and installation unit of machinery and equipment. In the process of formation and development, we have established ourselves as one of the leading units in the field of equipment installation today. MBWIND has been and will continue to implement thousands of projects of organizations and individuals with services that bring high performance and value.

Service quality has been confirmed

If the current number of equipment installation service providers are all following sales, MBWIND follows a different path. We focus on the quality of service, the value that customers receive. Because before being an equipment installation service provider, we put ourselves in the position of the customer to understand the wishes and expectations, thereby offering the most optimal solutions, in order to bring about productivity. maximum use of equipment with its life cycle.

Because the core value that we want to focus on is building customer experience first. Therefore, when providing any equipment installation service for any project, even the lowest cost package, MBWIND always strives for construction and installation to soon complete and operate. We believe that with the values that we are pursuing, we will surely conquer even the most demanding customers.

Working capacity

With more than 700 large and small projects that we have successfully implemented and have received the trust and satisfaction of customers, MBWIND has many qualified and experienced engineers and technicians to perform well. project on request. We have enough equipment for construction from cranes, forklifts and other auxiliary equipment… Thanks to sufficient human resources and equipment for construction and installation, we can meet almost all requirements customer demand.

Competitive equipment installation costs

Although confident of a strong competitive advantage from outstanding advantages, MBWIND still believes that quality service with competitive cost will bring customers real satisfaction. That is why, on the basis of many years of professional practice, we always ensure that the work is done at a minimum cost and thereby offer a corresponding service fee at a level that is competitive with other installers placing equipment on the same scale.

The equipment installation cost that we offer is carefully considered and calculated among many different factors. In which, two important factors considered by MBWIND are service quality and customer interests. Maybe the cost of installing our equipment is not the cheapest, but it is certainly the most reasonable and optimal cost today.

Provide door-to-door service

For each equipment installation consultation request from customers, our equipment installation technical team and sales staff will discuss, try to the maximum extent to be able to have direct dialogue with the client during the consultation. Direct dialogue with customers will help us understand the requirements clearly and specifically. Thereby coming up with the most optimal plan and soon agreeing on ideas.

With the above characteristics and advantages, we hope that it will continue to be a reliable choice of our customers when they need to provide design services.

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