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Industrial Machinery and Equipment Installation Solutions

In the context that the country is turning around in the process of industrialization and modernization, the installation of machinery and technological equipment seems to become an important service trend. So do you understand what is the installation of industrial machinery and equipment? What do you know about the installation processes of industrial machinery and equipment? Looking for industrial machinery and equipment installation services in Vietnam? Don’t worry, because MBWIND  is here to help you find the answers to the above questions:

What is the installation of industrial machinery and equipment?

The installation of industrial machinery and equipment is the process of putting parts, components, equipment and machinery in the correct position according to the technical design. In addition, technicians who install machinery and equipment are also responsible for arranging, assembling and adjusting connected parts so that the works can operate properly, smooth and scientific.

Thus, in particular, the installation of industrial machinery and equipment is mainly the task of installing industrial buildings and factories with the main objects usually being mechanical machines and equipment, lifting equipment such as metal processing machines, conveyors, ventilation systems, fuel mills and mechanical processing machines.

Some of the main tasks of the installation of industrial machinery and equipment include: installation of automatic production line systems; install round and square tube equipment with various sizes; assembly alignment of monolithic machines; installation of equipment in the form of steel sections; installation of material storage equipment; install industrial house frames, assemble, disassemble and maintain machine parts assemblies of mechanical transmissions, joints.

 installation of industrial machinery and equipment
Installation of industrial machinery and equipment

What is the process of installing industrial machinery and equipment?

For the installation of industrial machinery and equipment to meet quality standards and complete the assigned schedule, technicians must perform the installation process by technical requirements and ensure safe conditions. whole. The process of installing industrial machinery and equipment can be carried out in turn according to the following steps:

Step 1:  Survey, the actual conditions and status of the construction site and objects.

Step 2:  Make a detailed plan for the construction and installation work according to the harvested data combined with the needs and conditions of the customer.

Step 3:  Start conducting the installation exam of industrial machinery and equipment according to the established plan and process.

Step 4:   Acceptance and check the results of the work after construction and installation in a comprehensive way.

Step 5:   Hand over, guide and advise on the industrial machinery and equipment just installed. Complete warranty procedures and related legal documents.

Process of installing industrial machinery and equipment
Process of installing industrial machinery and equipment

Why choose MBWIND?

With expertise and experience, MBWIND  aspires and confidently becomes the choice of customers. Because, in the process of operation and development, MBWIND has left a special mark in the hearts of customers and affirmed its position in the field of machinery and equipment installation, with:

  • Putting customer service first:

With the criterion “Customer satisfaction is our success”, MBWIND always puts the interests of customers first, committing to bring more value than expected. For that reason, MBWIND always wishes to bring a great experience with a variety of services, dedicated customer care standards, attractive after-sales services, and a warranty commitment for all types of projects and projects. The project is built to ensure the highest trust and satisfaction.

MBWIND always tries to understand customers, with every project we carry out, we start with listening to our customers, and only do it when we really know what our customers want and need from us.

  • Service quality meets international standards:

MBWIND is proud to be one of the most prestigious, professional and safest service providers of industrial machinery and equipment installation services today, with a Quality Management System that meets the standards ISO 9001:2015 and a quality management system. Occupational Health and Safety Management system meets ISO 45001:2018 standard. MBWIND always provides standard services, satisfying customer needs, and at the same time commits to products, services and systems that always ensure quality, safety and efficiency.

The service quality of MBWIND has been confirmed through the level of customer satisfaction during the service experience, bringing a chain of benefits and fully satisfying the expected needs of customers, commensurate with even surpassing it. costs paid by the customer.

  • A team of highly qualified, flexible and dedicated technicians:

The team of technical experts is always one of the proudest elements of MBWIND, with a high level of expertise, flexibility, dedication and prestige. In addition to constantly recruiting and recruiting talents, we always pay attention to the training and strengthening of human resources, improving professional qualifications, in order to build a high-quality, qualified human resource team. Thorough training and extensive experience.

Our team of technicians is available 24/7 to answer questions and assist customers in fixing problems. When any unexpected incidents or unforeseen events arise, we guarantee dedicated customer support and are committed to the related responsibility.

  • Competitive price:

Based on each of its customer segments, MBWIND provides the most competitive, reasonable price list with the best quality service, optimal for all usage needs. For the money, you’ll always be satisfied, even exceeding your expectations, with the value you get from MBWIND. To bring comfort and benefits to customers, we always compare, adjust and regularly update the cost of providing services from time to time of the market with each segment. MBWIND is committed to providing the best service, correct price quote, clear declaration of details as well as no external costs.

If you need to install industrial machinery and equipment in Vietnam, please immediately contact MBWIND for advice and provide professional and comprehensive solutions, according to the information:



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