Smart Warehouse Installation Service

You need a smart warehouse installation service but do not have any information as well as the construction and installation unit? Are you confused about how to design a smart warehouse? Do you know how to manage your smart warehouse and how to automated warehouse construction? What does warehouse equipment consist of? What are the advantages of a warehouse and its application? What is the definition of “smart warehouse”? Which factories have installed smart warehouses? How does Vinamilk’s smart warehouse work? Which is the largest smart warehouse in Vietnam? Join us to learn about smart warehouse installation at MBWIND.

MBWIND provides a nationwide smart warehouse installation service at the cheapest cost, using new technology and software applied to effective logistics management.

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Smart warehouse is a large building in which raw materials and manufactured goods are stored that uses machines and computers to complete common warehouse operations previously performed by humans. With the participation and support of many intermediate devices acting as transshipment points for goods, such as loading robots, AGV self-propelled vehicles, shuttle systems, conveyors, cranes, etc., with the operation and control of the specialized management software system. This system uses storage racks that can be easily upgraded and improved many times. Smart warehouses are enabled with a number of technologies that automate and connect them with each other. This combination increases work productivity, minimizing manpower to the maximum.

Applying smart warehouse, import/export and warehouse management tasks are automated with high accuracy and high productivity. In comparison to traditional warehouse procedures, the advent of the smart warehouse is a huge technical revolution, making the most of the premises and workshop space while avoiding mistakes, loss, and the danger of labor accidents.


In general, the smart warehouse is appropriate for every firm. Having one or more highly efficient smart warehouses is beneficial to any firm.

  • The smart warehouse is entirely automated, simple to run, and safe.
  • When compared to the supply of storage capacity, the warehouse system has high stability and low investment cost, and it operates with standard warehouses.
  • It is easy to replace and upgrade each part quickly without affecting the operation because different parts have been modularized.
  • The management software is very flexible, so it can be easily set up to meet the unique needs of each customer and each separate warehouse.
  • Importing and exporting warehouses in a simple and scientific manner, with less manpower required to carry items, results in significant cost savings as compared to traditional warehouses.
  • Large storage capacity allows you to save a lot of room.






Smart Warehouse’s Benefits

Smart Warehouse’s Benefits

Space saving

Warehouses that are smart exploit stacking and storage heights to their best potential while maintaining safety. Unlike ordinary warehouses, it can hold a lot more pallets. According to our research, manufacturers that use smart warehouses save up to 50% and are up to 70% more efficient than traditional warehouses.

Saving investment costs

  • Low investment costs thanks to mechanical structure, management software inherited and refined by MBWIND from the world’s most current warehouse systems, and successfully investigated and implemented localization of specific structural elements and control software.
  • The structures are modularized and manufactured in accordance with industry standards, making installation simple and allowing for rapid upgrades, expansions, and replacement of components and spare parts.
  • The warehouse structure is sturdy and simple to build, maintain, and replace without disrupting the whole system’s performance.

Save manpower and operating costs

  • Reduce operating labor because it has been programmed by the optimal management software. The stages are automatically replaced, eliminating labor in the stages of arranging, stacking goods… and minimizing errors caused by manual labor.
  • Import and export items with precision, speed, and flexibility.
  • Because of the traditional warehouse, the time it takes to complete a procedure is greatly reduced.
  • The software system is very flexible, easy to customize to meet the constantly changing needs of customers
  • Management and operation are updated in real-time

The quantity, location and status of each product type, expected stock status and predicted production plan scenarios are displayed and updated in real time to help customers proactively import and export reasonably, then resulting in high performance.



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The reason why you should choose the Smart Warehouse Installation Service of MBWIND

MBWIND is a professional smart warehouse construction and installation unit. We have established ourselves as one of the top units in the field of smart warehouse installation today as a result of our creation and development. MBWIND has implemented thousands of projects for enterprises and people with high-performance and value-added services, and will continue to do so.

The quality of the service has been certified.

If the current number of smart warehouse installations are all running after sales, MBWIND follows a different path. We concentrate on the quality of our service and the value we provide to our consumers. Because, before becoming an installation service provider, we put ourselves in the shoes of the customer to understand their needs and expectations, and then give the best solutions to maximize warehouse efficiency throughout its life cycle.

Because the main value we want to emphasize is creating a positive client experience. As a result, while offering any smart warehouse installation service for any business, even the most basic package, MBWIND always aims to finish and run building and installation as quickly as feasible. We think that by adhering to our ideals, we will be able to win over even the most demanding consumers.

Operational capacity

With 500+ projects large and small that we have successfully implemented and have received the trust and satisfaction of customers, MBWIND has many qualified and experienced engineers and technicians to perform projects on request. We have enough equipment for construction from cranes, forklifts and other auxiliary equipment… Thanks to sufficient human resources and equipment for construction and installation, we can meet almost all requirements. customer demand.

Competitive cost

Despite the fact that we are certain of a solid competitive advantage from superior advantages, MBWIND believes that great service at a cheap price will provide consumers true happiness. That is why, based on years of professional experience, we always ensure that the job is completed at a low cost and, as a result, offer a service price that is competitive with other installers that set up smart warehouses of comparable size.

We carefully evaluate and assess the cost of installing a smart warehouse that we provide, taking into account a variety of criteria. In this case, MBWIND considers two crucial factors: service quality and consumer interests. Our installation fee may not be the cheapest, but it is unquestionably the most sensible and cost-effective option available today.

Provide on-site service

Our installation technical team and sales personnel will discuss and endeavor to have a direct dialogue with the client during the consultation for each smart warehouse installation consultation request from our clients. Direct communication with consumers will enable us to grasp the needs clearly and precisely. As a result, the most optimum strategy is devised, and suggestions are quickly agreed upon.

With the features and benefits listed above, we expect it to remain a popular choice among our clients when it comes to providing smart warehouse installation services.

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