Solutions for wind turbines with Mabanol lubricants

Mabanol lubricants: German energy fuels Vietnamese turbines

The Mabanol brand of lubricants has long occupied a respectable position in the international arena with its rich experience and longstanding reputation. To better understand this brand, today, MBWIND will revolve around: What is this brand of lubricant? What products do you offer? Can wind turbines be serviced with Mabanol lubricants? And the reason why MBWIND exclusively distributes Mabanol lubricants?

Introduction of Mabanol lubricants:

Mabanol lubricant is the name of a line of high-quality lubricating greases manufactured by Mabanol GmbH & Co.KG Company, a part of Marquard & Bahls group, headquartered in HafenCity, Hamburg, Germany.

As a bright star in the field of chemicals and industrial lubricants, Mabanol lubricants quickly dominated the international market and put its products on store shelves in more than 40 countries around the world. With outstanding lubricant product lines serving the following industries:

  • Vehicle lubricants: Transmission oils for passenger and commercial vehicles, engine oils for construction and industrial vehicles, brake fluid, hydraulic oil, etc.
  • Industrial oils: Engine oils for gas engines, hydraulic oils, industrial gear oils, slideway oils, air compressor oils, turbine oils, circulating oils, and lubricating oils.
Introduction of Mabanol lubricants
Introduction of Mabanol lubricants

Mabanol lubricants are trusted by a large number of customers with outstanding pluses:

  •  Operating over 65 years of experience in the field of lubricant distribution.
  •  As an independent, flexible supplier with a high level of professionalism.
  •  Professional and reliable service with extensive lubricant expertise.
  •  Wide, reputable and professional network of domestic and international agents.
  •  Meet environmental standards with environmental protection certificates according to European and international standards.

Although always innovating to suit the social context and user tastes, through the fluctuations of the world industrial energy industry, Mabanol always retains the traditional values ​​that have been formed since In the early days of establishment, is a premium, quality, safe and friendly brand. And it is these characteristics that have helped Mabanol gain the trust of people all over the world and endure over time.

Wind turbine maintenance solutions with Mabanol lubricants?

With absolutely outstanding quality and huge advantages, Mabanol lubricants are the perfect solution for wind turbine maintenance.

Solutions for wind turbines with Mabanol lubricants
Solutions for wind turbines with Mabanol lubricants

Mabanol is currently providing two specialized product lines for wind turbines, namely:  Mabanol Turbine Oil 46 and Mabanol Turbine Oil 68.

  • Mabanol oil for wind turbines has the function of lubricating, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion, helping to protect and prolong oil life, increasing the life of engineering machinery and equipment. Besides, it also has some outstanding advantages as follows:
  • Excellent anti-oxidation ability: Mabanol lubricants have a high antioxidant capacity and effective anti-inhibitory effect. Reducing the effect of corrosive agents, strong corrosive acids, dirt, mud… helps prolong the use time.
  • Thanks to modern blending technology, Mabanol lubricants have effective anti-foaming and air release capabilities.
  •  Maximum resistance to rust and wear by preventing the formation of rust and corrosion, protecting wind turbine engine equipment.

In addition, Mabanol always upholds the task of environmental protection in all stages of product production and distribution. Therefore, Mabanol always pays attention to completely eliminating the possibility of leakage, oil spill during storage or transportation, and tries its best to limit the worst problems that affect the environment.

MBWIND exclusively distributes Mabanol lubricants:

As one of the leading suppliers of wind power construction and operation services in Vietnam, MBWIND is constantly researching and searching for modern industrial products and solutions in the world to bring about applications and solutions. developed in Vietnam, to provide customers with effective, safe, cost-effective, and especially environmentally friendly construction solutions.

In the process of searching for reputable partners, MBWIND and Mabanol have found harmony in the development orientation, as well as the values ​​that the two parties bring to customers, so MBWIND and Mabanol have officially started. cooperation, opening a new door for the path of the companionship of the two sides. Accordingly, in the Vietnamese market, MBWIND is the exclusive distributor for the Mabanol brand of lubricants, especially lubricants for turbines, and wind power.

Under the agreement, Mabanol- specialized lubricants for wind turbines will be imported by MBWIND directly from Mabanol’s production facility in Germany. At the same time, we will be guaranteed to supply enough sources of goods tested to correct quality standards to bring to the market, MBWIND can play the role of consulting, providing information on Mabanol lubricant products to customers and carry out operations, sales and after-sales services.

Certificate of exclusive distribution of Mabanol lubricants
Certificate of exclusive distribution of Mabanol lubricants

Customers will be able to find the special Mabanol turbine lubricants for wind turbine maintenance on MBWIND’s store shelves. We are committed to distributing products of the right quality, in their original form, in their original packaging, without separating, extracting, or interfering with the product’s texture and composition. With a professional and modern transportation system, we ensure to keep the quality of Mabanol lubricant products from the manufacturer to the consumer.

This cooperation will certainly open up many new opportunities for Mabanol’s products in the Vietnamese market, and from there, MBWIND once again enhances its brand and affirms its position in the field of public energy. Karma!

To buy genuine and quality guaranteed Mabanol specialized lubricants for wind turbines in Vietnam, you can contact MBWIND for reference and search for the best options. If you have any questions or need about the product, do not hesitate to pick up the phone to connect with us for the fastest and most accurate advice from our customer service team!