Maintenance of industrial electrical systems of factories – warehouses

Prestigious and professional industrial electrical system maintenance service in Vietnam

Are you an individual or a business in need of industrial electrical system maintenance in Vietnam?  Are you wondering which unit is reputable in Vietnam and what are the regulations on electrical system maintenance? Or interested in industrial electrical system maintenance documentation? How to get a quote on maintenance of electrical systems or industrial electrical cabinets? What are common problems in industrial electrical systems? And how often should the plant’s electrical system be maintained?, etc. Now let’s learn about the maintenance of industrial electrical systems at MBWIND in Vietnam. 

MBWIND in Vietnam provides maintenance services for industrial electrical systems at warehouses and factories countrywide. We will conduct surveys and record the status of equipment and machinery in warehouses and factories. Then make plans, offer optimal maintenance solutions and choose suitable replacement equipment. Next, we will carry out maintenance and dismantling of equipment and machinery.

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maintenance electrical in factory
maintenance electrical in factory
maintenance electrical in factory vietnam

Electrical system maintenance process at MBWIND in Vietnam 

At MBWIND, we have a professional maintenance process with the following steps:

Step 1: Receive requests from customers

Step 2: Conducting an overall inspection and making plan maintenance

  • Electrical engineer at MBWIND will conduct a survey and check: current frequency, power factor, etc . Then compare with the old parameters to know the condition of the equipment and machinery. 
  • Check outside and inside the electrical cabinet, check the voltage of each phase. Measure current in phases, measure voltage in phase order;
  • Check the outside and inside of the electrical distribution cabinets according to floors and rooms. Measure the voltage and check the indicator lights on the electrical cabinet surface.
  • The engineer checks the power consumption and compares it with the measurement results to determine the amount of power loss. After that, measure and align the current corresponding to the capacity of each electrical device according to the distribution electrical cabinets.
  • Adjust the load consumption of the phases to balance the current in the phases.
  • Check and recalibrate the meter.
  • Connect the equipment in the distribution cabinet, clean the equipment in the cabinet.
  • Record the above parameters in the monitoring log book.
  • Make low-cost optimal maintenance and repair plans to help customers save costs.

Step 3: Carry out maintenance

  • Inspect the lighting system inside and outside the factory. Then replace the broken lamp, broken wire, and bad wire.
  • Install protective devices according to the correct specifications and the correct power consumption.
  • Check the contact connections of electrical equipment and re-solder those that are not technically safe.
  • Follow and check the status of each device then make notes according to the maintenance phase.

Step 4: Test run

Step 5: Hand over

Handing over to customers for acceptance and contract payment. Record warranty card for customers.

Documentation of industrial electrical system maintenance

Why should you use MBWIND’s industrial electrical system maintenance service?

  1. MBWIND has worked for many years in the field of equipment installation, smart warehouse and electrical system maintenance at warehouses, factories, buildings, etc, in Vietnam.
  2. Technical team and engineers are experienced, highly specialized, and trained according to Japanese standards. 
  3. Fully equipped with modern machinery, ensuring quick maintenance time, good quality, ensuring stable production purposes, increasing productivity.
  4. Survey, check and quote clearly and openly for customers to understand. Commitment if the customer requires.
  5. Issue full VAT invoice.
  6. Resolve problems very quickly, avoiding damage in production activities, ensuring safety.
  7. Maintenance costs are always the lowest because we optimize a lot of unnecessary steps.

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