Working principle of wind turbine

Overview of “Wind power plant operation”

Along with the development of wind power technology, the wind power plant operation techniques are also on an improvement to meet the current needs. So have you ever wondered about the working principle of the wind power plant? Process of operating wind power plant? Sources of wind power plant operating materials? As well as the wind power projects been recognized commercially? Let’s find out immediately to get the most overview of the wind power plant operation:

Working principle of wind power plant:

Wind power plants are operated and produce electricity based on the movement of large blades on the top of each tower. In theory, the working principle of the wind power plant can be understood as: wind turbines borrow wind blowing to convert kinetic energy into mechanical energy and thus continue to convert it into electricity.

To carry out the above operating process, wind turbines play a key role, in determining the electricity productivity as well as the amount of electricity generated. It is possible to explain the working principle of the wind power plant simply as follows: When the wind hits the rotor and the impact of a large enough force will make the rotor rotate. They constantly rotate around the rotor at a stable speed, then through other conversion effects will move the main axis and the main axis will drive the motivation from there to rotate the transmitter, combined with the activity The dynamic of other parts, such as: to create electricity.

Working principle of wind turbine
Working principle of wind turbine

Operation process of wind power plant:

 In order to provide enough electricity consumption according to the criteria in VietNam, it requires a technical team to have a process of operating the wind power plant properly, scientifically and effectively. In general, the operation process of wind power plants includes the main stages such as:

  • Supervise, inspecting and evaluating the operation status of the plant equipment system and organizing regular maintenance and maintenance work, periodically according to the prescribed periods.
  • There are backup plans for cases of incidents, personnel assignments, directing factories to handle incidents and solve problems arising.
  • Organizing administrative management tasks such as: Organizing the management regulations, and technical rules. The Production Process, and handling of technical documents, and administrative papers with relevant partners and units.

Besides, the process of operating the wind power plant also includes the following tasks:

  • Monitoring and recording diary, data and operating status of electrical equipment in the scope of management according to certain time frames.
  • Supervision of operation and inspection of the operating status of daily transformer stations.
  • Take notes in a visual, complete, and accurate manner to support the processing and investigation when an incident occurs in the project.
    Wind power plant maintenance process
    Wind power plant maintenance process

Wind power projects are recognized commercial operation:

According to the Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN), there are currently a total of 106 wind power plants with a total capacity of 5755.5 MW sent documents and dossiers of registration of grid, proposing commercial operation (COD). In particular, it is up to the end of October 31, 2021, the national electricity system has the participated of 84 wind power plants, with a total capacity of 3980.27 MW.

Thus, with 84 wind power projects recognized for commercial operation, Vietnam has been gradually asserting itself in the field of renewable energy, making steady progress to gradually develop in the future.

Where can I find resources for operating a wind power plant?

Along with the rapid development of wind power plants, documents providing relevant knowledge on the theory and practice of wind power plant operation must always be fully and promptly updated. The most reliable sources of wind power plant operating documents are the textbooks applied to training programs and officially taught at universities, colleges, and specialized technical education units. other art. However, this is also a source of material that is not widely distributed, because of copyright reasons, the documents are mainly circulated internally to meet the teaching and learning needs of the faculty and students alone.

Besides, we can still access open sources on the internet in the form of scientific research articles, press documents, and circulars issued by the government and authorities. However, when starting to research and use wind power plant operating documents, we must know how to select reliable, accurate, and reliable sources of information and ensure official information sources.

Not only that, to be provided with information quickly and completely, we can seek the advice of experts, specialized engineers in the field of wind power plant operation in VietNam. And to meet the needs of answering questions, and helping with related issues, MBWIND‘s technicians are always ready to advise and support you at any time. If you have any questions or need answers to related information, please contact, hotline +84 936 382 555, or email: for guidance and support!