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Renting a vehicle truck: The solution to the problem of super-heavy lifting

In the context of today’s growing industry, Vehicle trucks have become essential transportation equipment. Since then, rental services have also gradually expanded to serve the increasing needs of customers. So have you ever wondered what a tow truck is? What are the benefits of Vehicle trucks? What is the price of renting a vehicle truck? Where is a reliable place to rent a vehicle truck? Where is a reputable crane rental address in Vietnam? MBWIND answers for you right here.

What is a vehicle truck?

A vehicle truck is a specialized transport vehicle used for loading and unloading goods for transport vehicles, lifting goods and equipment to a relative height, besides also supporting moving objects. a large mass, a supermassive field from one location to another, with distances of hundreds of meters.

Vehicle trucks are a popular vehicle at construction sites, construction sites, relocation of warehouses, factories, factories, or loading and unloading goods at ports, thanks to their flexible characteristics and the ability to support lifting – Unloading goods, and transporting goods over long distances.

Based on mobility, Vehicle trucks are usually divided into two main types: fixed cranes and mobile cranes, which:

  • Fixed cranes: are cranes that are not capable of self-moving, usually fixed with a sturdy platform and a strong and durable crane unit, which can well support large loads. Types of fixed cranes can be mentioned as tower cranes, cranes, cranes for seaports…
  • Mobile cranes: Unlike fixed cranes, mobile cranes can move on different terrain surfaces thanks to the supporting motor system. Based on the mobile system, mobile cranes are classified into two main groups: crawler cranes and wheeled cranes.
Crawler cranes and wheeled cranes
Crawler cranes and wheeled cranes

Vehicle truck rental service:

Thanks to the superior features of the Vehicle trucks, this vehicle is favored to appear in many places, especially on construction project sites.

However, the investment cost of equipping a crane is not small, especially for businesses and units that have little, irregular, and short time crane needs. And to solve your problem, a crane rental service was present and became the optimal solution for customers in need.

Vehicle truck rental service packages provide customers with numerous benefits, including:

  • Maximize savings on investment costs in purchasing a new crane system.
  • Get warranted, refurbished, serviced, and repaired when parts fail.
  • Save costs for operating personnel, consulted and supported by qualified technicians.
  • It is possible to choose from a variety of cranes in terms of models, loads, and sizes, corresponding to the needs of users.
  • Flexible use according to time and other conditions such as terrain, construction status, workload, payment budget, etc.
Vehicle truck rental service
Vehicle truck rental service

What factors does the Vehicle truck rental price list depend on?

Besides the huge benefits that the crane rental service packages bring, an important factor to receive the attention of customers is the crane rental price. The price list for crane rental will depend on many factors, for example:

According to lifting capacity:

Currently, Vehicle trucks can be divided into several levels according to the load: from small loads of 15 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, to trucks with huge loads: 200 tons, 500 cranes. tons, 1600 tons.

By model and system type:

The rental price will vary by vehicle model: Wheel crane, crawler crane, crane truck, off-road crane, two-cabin terrain crane.

By the time of use:

Crane rental price will depend on the long or short rental period by shift, day, month, and year. Based on that, preferential and after-sales packages will also be included to maximize customer needs.

Besides, crane rental prices will also change based on fuel price, tax costs, and related procedures if incurred.

Vehicle truck rental service in Hanoi:

In the context of the industry rising rapidly, the service industry of industrial equipment cannot miss the opportunity, and crane rental service providers are no exception. Especially with Hanoi Capital, where the demand for crane trucks for construction works is higher, for that reason, MBWIND has constantly researched the market and provided crane rental service packages. products to serve the needs of customers in Hanoi and surrounding areas.

MBWIND is proud to bring customers the leading prestigious crane service package on the market today. Highly appreciated by experts and customers, MBWIND is always committed to satisfying everyone who comes to us, with a commitment to:

  • Provide diverse, models, and types of cranes.
  • Service quality and equipment meet international standards.
  • A team of dedicated, professional professionals with high professional skills.
  • Provide periodic maintenance packages, repair, exchange, and replace when problems arise.
  • Flexible and fast shipping, right to the hands of customers.
  • Competitive, reasonable, and economical prices.

Intending to bring the most satisfying experience to our customers, we constantly improve the quality of our services according to customer reviews and suggestions. For advice and more information about truck rental service in Vietnam, and a detailed quote on this service, please contact MBWIND by hotline: +84 936 382 555 or email: info@mbwind.vn!

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