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Small Wind Turbine is a compact, convenient and efficient wind electric power supply device, so do you know: How a Small Wind Turbine System Works? What are Small Wind Electric System Components? Is a small wind turbine worth it in Vietnam? Can a small wind turbine power a house? How much power does a small wind turbine make? How small is the smallest wind turbine in Vietnam? Can I put a small wind energy turbine in the garden in Vietnam? Can I put a small wind turbine on my roof in a Vietnamese house? How much does a 5kW wind turbine cost in Vietnam? Which is cheaper solar or wind power? How much power does a 400-watt wind turbine produce? Let’s find the answer with MBWIND in this article:

Small wind turbine in Vietnam

What is Small Wind Turbine?

Small Wind Turbines also known as “Micro Wind Turbines”, “Small Wind Electric System”, “Home Wind Turbine”, “Small Wind Turbine for home”, or “Small Wind Turbine Power for House”.

It can be said that a small wind turbine is a miniature version and simplified structure and shrinking the structure of wind turbines installed in large wind power projects. Due to the special structure and size characteristics, the micro wind turbines could operate and produce electricity with only a wind speed of 2m/s with a corresponding wind power capacity of 1.5W. From the above limit, the small wind turbine system generators can generate with a capacity of between 100W – 10,000W, equivalent to the current market price of Small Wind Turbine for home, which usually ranges from a few hundred up to several million dongs depending on the amount of electricity produced.

Small Wind Turbine Parts and Working Principle Wind Turbine System:

How does a small wind turbine work?

What are the components of a Small wind turbine?

Modern Small Wind Turbines come a variety of sizes but to turn wind into the power, all types generally consist of several main components: Anemometer, Blades, Brake, Controller, Gear box, Generator, High – speed shaft, Low – speed shaft, Nacelle, Pitch, Tower,…

How Does a Small Wind Turbine Work?

Theoretically, Small Wind Turbine sets work based on the principle: borrow the wind blowing to convert kinetic energy into mechanical energy and also from there, continue to convert mechanical energy into usable electricity. When the wind hits the blades and exerts a sufficient force, the blades will start to rotate, the blades make the turbine rotors also start to rotate, and the turbine shafts are attached to the generator set, making them work. Power, combined with the support of other equipment and through some processing, electricity is generated and collected at the output of the generator through the power cable of the wind turbine.

Installing and Maintaining a Small Wind Turbine for Home in Vietnam

It can be said that households are one of the most suitable objects, in particular in Vietnam, to install home wind turbine systems, to provide electricity for household electrical appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, charging phones, laptops, water pump, electric fan…

If your family still wants to use the national energy grid to serve the activities of daily living and only use the home wind turbine as an auxiliary tool for running errands: such as charging phones, laptops, table lamps, or pumping water, watering plants watering flowers, a turbine with a capacity of about 400-1000W is a suitable choice for your family.

In case the family wants to completely use electrical energy from the small wind turbine for the household to use for all daily activities, from charging phones to using TVs, fans, refrigerators, lights, etc you can consider small wind turbine power your house system with a capacity of 1000W – 3000W.

Pros and Cons of Small Wind Turbine Power for Home in Vietnam

Advantages of Home Wind Energy Turbine

  1. First of all, the electric energy generated is completely environmentally friendly, without polluting emissions like other fossil fuels. With large and unlimited wind potential, electricity from small wind turbines can be produced and used unlimitedly.
  2. Small wind turbine for home can operate at low cost, especially for micro wind generator sets in Vietnam. With the initial installation investment, these small wind power systems can be put into operation with an average life of 30-45 years, and do not have to pay monthly electricity costs.
  3. Small wind turbines for home are designed with the advantage of efficient space saving. The turbines can be installed close to each other, in a sufficient area, on the roof, or in open high areas without affecting the normal living space of the family member.
  4. Small wind power turbine for home can operate independently of the national grid. This means that the amount of electricity produced from the wind turbine does not depend on the common power source, so wind generators are a great solution for families during power outages.

Disadvantages of Home Wind Power Turbine

  1. As wind is the principal source to generate electricity, so wind turbine for home are highly dependent on weather, the speed and strength of wind. In areas where the wind blowing is not stable, small wind turbines will be unproductive and unable to reach their full capacity.
  2. In addition, the installation cost of home wind generators is often quite high, and it takes a lot of effort to install. However, users can still optimize costs by choosing the right wind turbine products and reputable small wind generator installation companies.
  3. In the end small wind power turbine cause noise problems, bringing about inconvenience to many users. However, with the improvement, and advancement of technology, many sets of small wind turbine for home have significantly improved noise disadvantages.

How to choose a Home-Sized Wind Generator?

Wind speed is an important factor determining the efficiency of a small wind turbine as well as a consideration that helps you determine whether to invest in installing a small wind generator system for your family or not.

How is wind speed calculated and converted?

The output of a wind turbine depends on the turbine’s size and the wind’s speed blowing:

    • At wind speeds of 2m/sec, the wattage estimated is 1.5Watt.
    • At wind speeds of 4m/sec, the wattage estimated is 10Watt.
    • At wind speeds of 7m/sec, the wattage estimated is 80Watt.
    • At wind speeds of 15m/sec, the wattage estimated is more than 650Watt.

Thus, just by 2m/sec can generate electricity from a small wind turbine for home, but the ideal speed is still is 7m/sec or more.

How Much Does a Small Wind Turbine For home Cost in Vietnam?

Price of small wind turbine for home in Vietnam

Wind turbine price largely depends on its capacity and quality:

  • Wind turbine 100w costs between 2,500,000 to 3,000,000 VND
  • Wind turbine 500W costs between 5,000,000 to 7,000,000 VND
  • Wind turbine 1KW costs between 15,000,000 to 30,000,000 VND
  • Wind turbine 2KW costs between 30,000,000 to 50,000,000 VND
  • Wind turbine 5KW costs between 50,000,000 VND or more

Price of installing a small wind turbine system for home in Vietnam

The price of Wind power turbine system depends on the scope and quality:

  • 1KW system total costs between 40,000,000 to 70,000,000 VND
  • 2KW system total costs between 70,000,000 to 100,000,000 VND

Small Wind Turbine Installation and Energy Systems Service at MBWIND in Vietnam

MBWIND provides service packages for installing Small Wind Power Turbine systems to suit many circumstances in Vietnam

Installing and Maintaining a Small Wind Electric System for Home in Vietnam

We support the installation of small wind turbine sets suitable for any home in Vietnam from 1KW to 10KW with complete construction equipment.

.In which, in order for the power generated from the small wind turbine to operate devices such as TVs, washing machines, air conditioners, etc., the solution of installing 2KW type wind turbines is the most appropriate.

Small-scale wind power turbine system for households includes: Wind Turbine with power capacity 1KW; 2 to 4 150AH battery backup systems; charge controller; Inverter go up to maximum of 5KW; cable; wind turbine column.

Install Small wind power turbine systems for resorts in Vietnam

In Vietnam, similar to households today, resorts recently are also starting to have tendency to choose clean energy sources such as wind power to serve their business needs.

Generators from wind power to meet the requirements of resorts are forced to produce and supply enough millions of kWh per year. When it comes to the benefits of using wind generators such as saving costs for business activities, small wind turbine completely is a reasonable option, due to minimizing impacts on the environment, creating landscapes, attracting tourists and having an impressive brand image.

Based on advanced technical technology, we energetic support the installation of small wind power turbines to serve the electricity needs and business scenery of any resorts across Vietnam.

Equip small wind turbine systems for factory and industrial parks in Vietnam

Like households and resorts, facing the energy transition phase, factory industrial parks, especially small and medium ones are also gradually transforming to use renewable energy sources, and in which, power from wind turbine generators is one of the top choices.

In order to meet the demand for electricity consumption of up to hundreds of millions of kWh per year, the small wind turbine system must be designed to achieve that tremendous electric capacity. With the ability to be advanced technology capacity, we construct a small wind turbine system that provides enough wind power to serve the production and business needs of any factory and industrial park in Vietnam.

Construct wind power turbine combined with solar power panels in Vietnam.

In essential, solar panels are placed in an open, shade-free place to create favorable conditions to catch and absorb 100% of sunlight during the day. For wind generators, the appropriate location is usually high and wide places, absence of obstacles to ensure maximum wind strength during the day.

It can be seen that solar panels and wind turbines are the perfect combination for a limitless natural power source and MBWIND is pleased to support bringing this perfection to customers.

Construct wind power turbine combined with solar power panels in Vietnam.

Install small wind turbines for factories operating onshore and offshore wind power production in Vietnam

Install small wind turbines for factories operating onshore and offshore wind power production in Vietnam.

In order to assist research and experiment activities in the process of wind power production, small wind power turbines are installed next to wind power plants as a convenient power production instrument. In addition, this is also considered as a sample source for examining during operation, for implementing new technical methods, as a prototype for data comparison, for comparing errors and failures.

MBWIND supports the installation of wind generator systems of all sizes, suitable for many cases, meeting all the most stringent requirements.

MBWIND Provides All-rounded Service Packages for The Installation of Small Wind Turbine System in Vietnam

Consulting and support to install small wind power turbine in Vietnam

MBWIND supports to answer all your questions related to wind power installation. From type, capacity, performance, size to price and cost throughout the process from brainstorming to operation and maintenance of the wind energy system.

Are you consistently wondering when facing too many choices for small wind turbines for home? Do not worry, because MBWIND owns a team of skilled experts, many years of experience, enthusiastic and flexible consultants and is available on deck 24/7 for all problems of maintenance and installation of home wind energy systems.

Offer Small Wind Turbines suitable for all use cases:

We provide a full type of wind turbine, such as:

  • Micro wind turbine: 100W – 1000W
  • Small wind turbine: 1KW – 20KW
  • Medium wind turbine: 20KW – 100KW

The types of wind turbines that MBWIND offers are manufactured according to ISO9001 and IEC61400 standards, and commit to providing customers with safety and stability. Moreover, MBWIND has adequate certificates of wind turbine installation and technology transfer.

Installation and maintenance of small wind energy turbines systems in Vietnam

Besides consulting and selling wind turbines, we also provide installation and maintenance services for small wind turbine systems, conducting on-site maintenance and dedicated maintenance.

In order to ensure the best product and customer experience, MBWIND supports on-site installation and commissioning, technical and scientific construction, ensuring progress, on-schedule, safety and efficiency. We are committed to exchange, warranty all products up to 2 years from the manufacturer. Fix any damage caused by stormy weather, technical errors, fire or other damaging physical factors.

Why Choose MBWIND Services for Wind Turbine Installation?

High-quality Products, Transparency Policies

All products provided by MBWIND are guaranteed to meet the strictest requirements, with the proper design and 100 percent genuine product. Competitive price, consistent with quality, ensure the cost of transportation, design, installation and maintenance. Transparent and all-inclusive policy, including: Privacy Policy, Warranty Policy, Return Policy, Shipping Policy, Payment Instructions and Information Security Policy.

Service meets International Quality Standards

During the process of formation and development, MBWIND services have constantly built and perfected the process of providing products and services, and proof of all ability is the quality certification of the quality management system. ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems – Requirements and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Principles, as well as other prestigious certificates.

Experienced and Dedicated Experts Staff

Coming to MBWIND, you will be served with dedicated support for all stages of construction from beginning to end with maintenance with a team of experienced experts, skilled technicians and dedicated customer available care 24/7. With the principle that customer satisfaction is our happiness, MBWIND is committed to bringing the best experiences, real values, ensuring satisfaction and exceeding customer expectations.

MBWIND is delighted to answer all your questions and inquiry about the small wind turbine product. Therefore, if you are interested in this product, please pick up the phone and call us immediately at the hotline: 0936 382 555 or contact via email: info@mbwind.vn for 24/7 advice and support!

Let’s refer to the generator products below, call us immediately for support on a quote!

MBWIND would like to thank you for your attention!