A Solution – All Crane Rental Services in Vietnam for Assembling Wind Turbine Tower 

Are you looking for a crane rental service for assembling wind turbine in Vietnam? Confused by the crane rental services in Vietnam for your wind power projects? You need a solution for the rental crane to assemble your onshore and offshore wind farm project with many types of crane rental services hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly? How much does main, crawler, and pre-assembly crane rental for wind energy constructions cost? How many tons is reasonable to rent a crane with wind turbines and crane equipment? Which crane rental for erecting wind tower companies is cheap, reputable, and quality? It seems like there are too many wind pre assembly crane choices for you? So why don’t you let MBWIND services help you to solve that matter?

We are the leader in offering reliable and optimum quality Crane Rental Services in Vietnam for assembling wind turbine tower for the onshore and offshore wind farm projects. Ranging from crawler cranes to mobile crane support for pre-assembly wind power tower, MB WIND POWER SERVICE JSC provide a specialized heavy lifting solution for onshore and offshore wind farm projects, help deliver your wind energy construction project safely and on-schedule.

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pre-assembly crane for wind power in Vietnam

Crawler/Main/Pre-assembly Crane for Wind Turbine Assembly

pre-assembly crane for wind turbine in Vietnam

As the wind energy industry grows, the supporting assembly for wind power industries also becomes more and more vital. And since the beginning of erecting wind turbines both onshore and offshore, crane have asserted its role in assembling in general, maintenance and operating wind turbine power in particular. To keep assembling of wind turbine towers running smoothly and effective, all type of crane, such as main crane, crawler crane, pre-assembly crane for wind farm projects must be more concerned and invested.

Crane for Wind Turbine Assembly in Vietnam

Like other cases, along with the strong development of the wind power installation, Vietnam also enlarges investment in the assembly of wind power towers.

It is easy to see that the wind turbines nowadays in Vietnam have reached higher rated power and the hub heights are estimated in a range of 150-165m and blades longer than 80 m. That means the demand for using main crane like crawler crane and pre-assembly crane for onshore – offshore wind farm could be extended in Vietnam. Because the equipment for erecting wind turbine towers must be suitable with that features to keep the working on construction effectively and safely, and specific types of cranes like main crane, crawler crane or pre-assembly crane for wind farm installation process are more popular in Vietnam.

MBWIND Provide Crawler/Main/Pre-assembly Crane Rental Services for Wind Turbine Assembly in Vietnam.

Recognizing the importance and difficulties the operating and constructing wind power projects, MBWIND have been providing the optimal solutions for assembling wind turbine onshore and offshore wind farm projects in Vietnam. Including rental crane for assembling wind turbine services, in particular, rental main crane, crawler crane, and pre-assembly crane for supporting wind power onshore and offshore in Vietnam.

We possess vast range of specialized cranes (mobile crane, crawler crane) for wind turbine, ranging from 120 tons to 1600 tons, along with mobile cranes and crawler cranes, suitable for the blades weighing approximately 45 tons to 90 tons, installed at the height from 80m to 150m.

Main crane rental and Pre-assembly crane rental

Main/pre assembly crane rental services at MBWIND available across Vietnam

MBWIND supply crane rental services for construction site as well as assembling wind turbine tower onshore and offshore that is available and always ready to serve all provinces and cities in Vietnam.

Crane type: 120 tons, 150 tons, 200 tons, 250 tons, 300 tons, 400 tons, 500 tons, 600 tons.

Our main, pre-assembly crane rental services is available for: Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

We are ready in: Long An, Bình Dương, Bình Phước, Bắc Ninh, Phú Thọ, Đồng Nai, Bình Thuận

The cost of renting a crane primarily depends on type of crane and the tonnage rating required, the duration of the rental, the geographical location, insurance necessary and the operator team if needed.

Contact us immediately to get the best rental quote.

Main crane rental and Pre-assembly crane rental

Why Choose Us for Main and Pre-assembly Crane Rental

Service quality is validated by international certifications.

MBWIND’s supply chain and provide networks for wind power services are operating to the standards expected by customers with assessment from International Organization for Standardization and others, of which prominent is ISO 9001:2015 certification and ISO 45001:2018 certification.

We not only make every effort to provide our customers with great wind energy equipment and services but also are dedicated to bringing maximum cost savings, safety, and effectiveness at every operating and construction stage.

Staff’s English proficiency level: at “Professional Working Proficiency” level

We always create an international working environment, therefore, at MBWIND, foreign partners communicate and cooperate without any language barrier. We can overcome any issue of language with a great level of English, meeting communication needs in professional fields as well as consulting and providing information to customers.

With professional expertise, well-trained, and a team of experts, long-time technical experts in the profession, MBWIND are committed to providing you with quality, safe and modern equipment and services.

wind power construction company in Vietnam

We offer periodic condition inspections services

For the purpose of detecting potential damages and reducing problems, MBWIND always monitors all our wind energy turbine components and equipment during operation through a combination of preventive maintenance and recurring periodic inspections.

Our maintenance and periodic condition inspection services include tests, diagnostic and preventative work to prolong the life of the motor in the wind turbine generator system, improve the stability of the structure, and renovate once inspections or tests reveal that there are any troubles.

wind power construction company in Vietnam


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