Supply Spare Part To Wind Industry

Changing Spare Parts 

For wind power farms in Vietnam, MBWIND have 3 services to provide alternative materials as follows:

We check the equipment, proceed to report and find the cause of the damage. From that we report to the Customer about technical problems and these replacement parts. Customers will use its resources for self-repair and spare parts replacement.

We check the equipment and find the cause of the damage or technical malfunction, then we repairand solve that problems. We will warranty this repairing for 2-3 years.

We replace the broken parts with Manuafactures’s Part, and the warranty term shall be followed the manuafacture’s warranty condition.

Main Spare Parts 

Altenativ e        Sensor
Gear Motor Bearing
Blade Brake
Control System Hydraulic system
Electric motor Consumable accessories

View remotely with drones

With drones, we can view the nacelle, tower, bolt jointings and rotor blades from multiple angles. We can clearly evaluate the condition of blades and cabling as well as safety equipment and wear and tear. All drone inspections are captured in high-definition (HD) video for precision viewing. Our advanced drones remain stable even under strong winds, making them ideal for both onshore and offshore wind turbine inspections.

We comply with the safety procedures of your facility, as well as all relevant national and local regulations. Our technicians are fully accredited by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO).