SWT-3KW Wind Turbine

The feature of wind generator
Rotor: High-quality steel precision molding, blade is made of Reinforced Fiber Glass. High Flexural strength, high resistance to erosion and long service life.
Generator: Rotor drive directly. Low-speed permanent magnet synchronous generator, overload rate 150%
Speed ​​adjusting performance: System control accuracy +10r/min, not overspeed when encounter gale. Rotor efficiency can reach 42%,noise level less than 65DB
Low-speed start: According to the wind condition, adjusting initial angle of blades and it can make the wind generator start at low speed , start wind speed 2mtr/s
Manual brake: Reliable manual brake institutions, it can achieve manually change the pitch and manual brake,convenient operation,shut down can be realized at any time.
Self-releasinghook: Collection ring releasinghook automatically,ensure cable without winding,double carbon brush structure to ensure power without transmission fault.
Adaptability: Application wind speed scope 3-30m/s, Convering the land common wind speeds.

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