Marine operations including water transportation rental are a crucial and cost-intensive part when constructing and installing an offshore wind farm. So, what you know about water transportation for offshore wind farm? About logistics for offshore wind projects? Maritime transportation rental for offshore wind turbines installation? You don’t know where you can rental all of water transportation for offshore wind farm in Vietnam? MBWIND is going to give the whole answers for those queries right away in the article below.

Solutions of water transportation rental for offshore wind farms project in Vietnam:

There are hundreds of different water transportation brands and rental providers offer countless different styles and sizes of ones in the moment market. So, which will be the suitable water transportation rental for your business? That depends entirely on what projects you maneuver.

Most frequently, for installing an offshore wind farm, the turbine components are transported to the further maritime and then installed following the plan of operation. Then based on the water area conditions of Vietnam, we suggest you three types water transportation for offshore wind logistics below: Barge, tugboat and motorboat.

Barge rental in Vietnam

Rental barge – a essential for offshore wind farm construction in Vietnam

One important factor you should take into account prior to renting a barge for your projects in Vietnam or any regions is the condition and the rental company’s reputation. Because rental barge suitable for a project is known to be demanding, and if you rent from a company that does not keep up with concerns like operation and maintenance, your schemes might be ruined by mechanical breakdowns or subpar gear, therefore do thoughtfully investigating prior to making any decisions.

The problems in offshore wind turbine transportation are associated to various specific factors according to different special conditions. Afterwards based on the Vietnam’s topographic and water areas, barge is considered as one of the most flawless options for the water logistic process to support for offshore wind farm construction site.

construction rental in Vietnam

MBWIND – an optimal option for rental barge in Vietnam

MBWIND services offer a wide range of barge sizes from 140 to 400 feet to accommodate our client’s project needs and requirements for the offshore wind farm construction. Our locations for rent across Vietnam from North to South. Our highly trained staff is capable of handling all of your barge needs, from preventative maintenance to repowering, hull repair, bottom cleaning, drive repair and maintenance, and much more, moreover ensure that we are keeping your repair and maintenance timely and low cost for any barge rental packages in Vietnam at MBWIND.

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Tugboat rental in Vietnam

Rental tugboat – a essential equipment for offshore wind farm construction in Vietnam

A tugboat or tug is a marine vessel that maneuvers other vessels by pushing or pulling them, especially to tow or push barges and disabled large ships, log rafts, or oil platforms by direct contact or a tow line. Some tugboats are used to ocean-going, some are icebreakers, salvage tugs or to transport the equipment to the offshore constructor site, and thereby tugboat is believed to be a vital support tool of offshore wind farms in Vietnam as well as other regions.

One of the most critical factors to choose a superb barge rental company that they must be conscious about characteristics of client’s projects well before planning a maritime operation and implement. Therefore, make sure that the water transportation rental company has experience on the offshore wind farm projects you’ll operate, because it’s fundamental that it knows the particularities of client’s construction site.

MBWIND – an optimal option for rental tugboat in Vietnam

rental tugboat in Vietnam at MBWIND

MBWIND services provide water transportation solutions and among them is offering tugboat packages, to assist our clients with the movement process and maritime logistics in offshore wind farm projects in Vietnam. With our extensive and well-maintained fleet, we are always ensuring the equipment and cargo arrive securely, punctually, and within budget. Furthermore, all of our barges are kept in top condition to guarantee safety and efficiency on any projects we take on. MBWIND are offering one of the most striking fleets in the marine construction and water transportation supporting for offshore wind farm construction in Vietnam.

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Motorboat rental in Vietnam

Rental motorboat – an effective supporting for offshore wind farms construction

Motorboats usually range in size from miniature craft designed to carry one person to seagoing vessels of 100 feet (30 m) or more, most motorboats. Motorboats are rented recreationally for water travel (cruising) and utilized in sport for racing and in piloting and navigation contests. In particular, for the offshore construction like offshore wind farm construction site, the hauling of staff, worker, expert team, from the site of works to the shore and vice versa is mainly thanks to the operation of motorboats.

It can be said that, motorboat is a suitable equipment support for offshore wind farm projects in Vietnam, due to their outstanding advantages: convenient size and space, Easier Maintenance, Greater Maneuverability, and Portability.

what is motorboat

MBWIND – an optimal option for rental motorboat in Vietnam

motorboat rental in vietnam at mbwind

MBWIND are marine specialists supplying motorboat rental in Vietnam for wind farm construction, offering a wide range of water transportation services for client requirements. Our team of specialists are always on hand to offer advice and support as well as passionate about providing the best possible service to our clients. In addition, we not only provide a wide range of barge services, from simple repairs to complete overhauls, but also are always happy to customize our services to meet customer specific requirements, because our aim is to provide our clients with the best possible barge rental service at any time any where across Vietnam.

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Advantages of renting water transportation at MBWIND services

The answer to the question, “Why rent water transportation, renting or owning – Which better for you?” is an easy one —You save money, get access to cutting-edge technology, and never have to worry about annoying maintenance concerns. While buying machinery can make sense for larger companies that have the cash to spend and need for a lot of projects, many small to medium-sized companies can reap various benefits from renting instead of owning that equipment for offshore transportation.

Come to MBWIND, you will know the reasons why you should rent the water transportation for construction site, especially for the offshore wind farm project. Because we are always ensuring satisfy the customers with these commitments:

  1. Cost-Effective.
  2. No Maintenance Costs.
  3. Easier to Upgrade Equipment.
  4. Decrease Long-run Expense.
  5. Avoid Storage, Transport Costs.
  6. Enhances the Competitive Edge.
  7. Flexibility to support your demand.


We have full selection of machines and work tools for rental water transportation in Vietnam for construction offshore wind project.

We all know that when constructing an offshore wind farm, in particular in Vietnam, marine operations are a crucial and cost-intensive part of the whole offshore wind project. The amount of components, their relatively high weight, weather dependence at sea, as well as all planning and regulatory regulations, place significant demands on transit and installation, as well as the associated logistics.

Because of those reasons, when you decide to rent water transportation for offshore wind farm project in Vietnam, why not go straight to a leader in the wind power services industry?

MB WIND POWER SERVICE JSC have a full selection of machines and work tools for rental water transportation in Vietnam for construction offshore wind project. When you corporation with us, we offer the most diverse selection of rental water transportation equipment to accommodate a wide range of different offshore wind farm logistics and maintenance needs.

MBWIND has expert knowledge in all aspects of offering water transportation rental for Logistics & Installation offshore wind farms in Vietnam.

Range from initiating and performing technical interface management as well as managing contract and project time schedule with regard to the technical scope to Managing procurement of technical and logistical works along with ensuring compliance with technical and safety regulations.

MBWIND delivers expert coverage of the offshore wind industry sectors as well as water transportation rental in Vietnam that matter most to you and your business and project.

Our support ranges from preparing installation and transport, and method logistics to reviewing and comment all necessary documents with regard to rental offshore logistics equipment, and participating in meetings and technical clarifications, supporting in various other tasks relate to rental water transportation services.

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