Wind Energy in Vietnam: Limitless Potential and Golden Opportunity for Renewable Energy Evolution Vietnam

Wind energy is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sources in the world, in particular, in Vietnam because of its many favorable opportunities. So, to get an overview, MBWIND will help you review various issues related to wind energy in Vietnam, such as: What is wind energy, wind power, and renewable energy? How has wind energy industry grown in Vietnam? What is renewable energy in Vietnam defined? How is Vietnam’s wind power potential harnessed? How has wind power capacity in Vietnam developed? What are the opportunities and challenges of wind energy supply in Vietnam? What is development status of wind power in Vietnam? And how many wind power onshore and offshore projects are in Vietnam?

Wind Energy Capacity in Vietnam

There are various studies and surveys have estimated the enormous capacity of wind energy in Vietnam for both onshore and offshore wind farm projects. Statistics have shown that there are a large number of the bright future projection perspective about wind power and then created many strategies for encouraging the market penetration of wind energy in Vietnam. Joining global striking development trend, Vietnam also has expanded investment into the wind power field base on the wind energy potential and renewable energy opportunities in Vietnam.

wind energy in Vietnam

Wind Power Potential in Vietnam

Maybe it wouldn’t be wrong to say that of countless renewable energies, wind power is one of the most important and suitable energies for Vietnam due to the onshore and offshore geography, natural features and economic capacity.

Geographically, Vietnam is expected to have limitless potential for wind energy, in view of the fact that Vietnam has a favorable natural superiority based on its location in the tropical monsoon area with a long coastline of more than 3200km across country from north to south. Plus, there are about 31,000 km2 of land area can be suitable and accessible for spring up wind energy, which is estimated 865 km2 equivalent to a wind power of 3572 MW.

Many statistical study results showed that the south central coast, especially in Ninh Thuận, Bình Thuận have the highest potential of wind power with wind speeds have been measured to reach 6.5–7.0 m/s. For offshore wind farm power potential, the average wind speed in coastal areas is 4 – 5 m/s along with the speed in the offshore islands such as Phú Quý, Bạch Long Vĩ, Lý Sơn, Cô Tô, Trường Sa, Hoàng Sa,… is from 6 – 8 m/s per year.

Wind Energy Opportunities in Vietnam

Stand on the overview potential renewable energy and wind power in Vietnam in particular, there are a variety of opportunities for future scenarios wind energy in Vietnam. It appears that with many opportunities rising wind energy Vietnam is expanding wind power capacity to could result in a significant contribution to the sharply increasing renewable electricity demands and make it become an optimal solution for about 300,000 rural non-electrified households in Vietnam.

On the other hand, wind energy brings about ecological, economic and social opportunities for Vietnam if political impetus and a proper framework constantly promote renewable energy development, along with water transportation support. As a result, in the past years, investors have seen great potential and opportunities to develop onshore and offshore wind power in Vietnam as part of a sustainable energy market. Then to seize the opportunity, the priority task is to set a target for renewable energy development and provide investment incentives.

How Popular is Wind Energy in Vietnam?

In recent years, the term “renewable energy”, “wind energy” or “offshore wind farm power” has been increasingly used in Vietnam, more and more popular in media, communities, and stakeholders.

However, as is the case in many other developing countries in the region, the assessment and development of wind energy in Vietnam remain lumping and deficient. Additionally, policies for supporting wind energy projects are still under development and improvement when the development and application of wind energy in Vietnam are still in the early stage.

Development Status of Wind Power in Vietnam

The wind power industry started to flourish in 2019 in Vietnam, although not as spectacular as solar. By the end of May 31, 2019, seven wind power projects (with a total capacity of 331 MW) had been put into operation. The total wind energy capacity of projects in the “start-up” or “approved” stage is more than double the capacity needed to meet the 2025 target. The electricity mix of Vietnam has thus changed substantially over the past two years, among that as of early 2021, wind power is lagging behind, with 533 MW currently installed.

In order to meet the rapidly increasing energy demand, the Government of Vietnam has decided to increase investigation and develop renewable energy sources and wind energy as well. Following the Decision of the Prime Minister No. 1208/QD-TTg of 2011 on National Master Plan for Power Development in the 2011-2020 Period, with Considerations to 2030 (Power Master Plan VII), prioritize the development of electricity production from renewable, wind energy in particular. Consequently, bringing the total wind power capacity from the current negligible levels to around 1,000 MW by 2020, about 6,200 MW by 2030, and increasing the proportion of wind power from 0.7% in 2020 to 2.4% in 2030.

wind energy in Vietnam

List of Wind Power Projects in Vietnam

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