wind turbine blade repair in Vietnam

Wind turbine blade repair is considered as one of the most vital and costly stages in the operation and maintenance of a wind power farm project. So, what is wind turbine blade repair? Which is the best wind turbine blade repair services in Vietnam? The repair techniques for wind turbine blade repair in Vietnam? Repair of wind turbine blade process for onshore and offshore wind farm in Vietnam? What is severity of damage, and common regions of damage for wind blade repair technique in Vietnam?

In essential, repair of wind turbine blade is much cheaper than replacement the new ones. Currently, many techniques and innovative solutions are applied in the repair process of the wind blades, which both significantly reducing costs and fast implementation time, helping the investor to return to operation soon.

MB WIND POWER SERVICE JSC was born as an optimal solution for wind power projects onshore and offshore projects in Vietnam. We provide well-rounded, efficient, and cost-effective wind turbine blade repair services in Vietnam.

In order to ensure safety, fast repair time and help customers save costs. We use the working platform in the repair of the wind turbine blades process.

For wind turbine blade repair projects, we usually proceed as follows:

Technical Process of Wind Turbine Blade Repair

wind turbine blade repair in Vietnam

Finding Damage, Assess the Degree Analyze the Damaged Wind Blade Part

This is the first and most important step to analyze the damage state of the wind turbine blade, thereby assess of the damage then giving the scheme to repair the turbine blades for the subsequent stages.

MBWIND inspect the condition of the turbine through initially visual inspecting the transformation in the blade surface. The state of corrosion, cracking or deformation by other factors. This step localizes the damaged area, and then we apply non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques to identify the damage usually hidden within the composite structure. Some common techniques are acoustic methods, optical magnification, ultrasonic methods, such as C-scan and A-scan, material property changes, in particular material stiffness.

Design the Repair of Wind Turbine Blade Plan

Based on the analysis and accession of the analysis wind blade repair process, (damage zone location, internal position and damage evaluation) we began to design a detailed plan for the repair of the wind turbine blades. The wind turbine blade repair scheme may include necessary facilities and equipment, contingency plans for arising unexpected problems, expected repair results. Estimated repair and cost to complete the propeller repair project.

MBWIND always assure the quality of wind turbine blade repair process by the transparent in each stage of planning, and policies to protect customers’ interests within post-repair quality assurance.

Carry Out the Repair of Wind Blade

After completing the initial preparation, we began to repair the wind turbine blades according to the degree of damage then apply suitable technical methods, such as: injection repair, viscous flow, patch/scarf repair, curing or adhesive development for restoration of the structural integrity of damaged composite.

MBWIND is committed to repairing turbine blades in accordance with scientific techniques, ensuring safe conditions as well as completing keep track strictly follow to the assigned schedule.

Document the Wind Turbine Repair and Monitor the Wind Blade Repaired Zone

In order to ensure that there are no intractable problems with our wind turbine blade repair process, we implement the acceptance test, compare it with the original plan and hand over the blade products in perfect condition, along with a warranty policy and monitor the condition of the turbine blades after repair.

Moreover, MBWIND also provides services of inspection, analysis of turbine blade condition, maintenance, refurbishment and maintenance of turbine blades as well as other wind turbine components and equipment across Vietnam.

The technique of Wind Turbine Blade Repair

Erosion Repair and Protection Repair of Wind Turbine Blade

Leading edge erosion, especially for offshore wind turbines, is the most common problem. This is responsible for the reduction of more than 5% annual energy production for wind turbines, because the effects increase the coefficient of drag and decrease in lift coefficient for higher angles of attack of the wind blades.

Based on the severity of erosion, MBWIND applies methods of applying coating/gelcoat protection system or coatings to protect against erosion, like weather agents, rain density, wind, humidity, temperature, which can be mentioned as: anti-erosion protective coatings containing polyurethane, organic-inorganic sol-gel or epoxy-polyurethane, or nanoparticle reinforced.

MBWIND provides services for strengthening, restoring erosion, repairing wind turbines with leading edge erosion using the most advanced technologies, restoring aerodynamic efficiency and ensuring wind turbine performance on shore and offshore in Vietnam.

wind turbine blade repair in Vietnam
wind turbine blade repair in Vietnam

Wind Turbine Blade Repair for Non-Structural Matrix Cracks and Small Delamination

One type of nonstructural damage to turbine blade composites is in composites are matrix cracks, minor delamination, debonding, or other physical surface damage. Based on the severity of the damage, MBWIND repairs cracked turbine blades by filling and sealing methods (“dill & fill”).

With this solution, we identify the damage, inject low viscosity resin into the cracks, delamination or other defects, by manual guns or pneumatic tools using compressed air. The injected material can have a curing time of several hours or even a day, at ambient or higher temperatures depending on the chemical properties of the substances used for wind turbine blade repair.

MBWIND always ensures speedy and effective repair of wind turbine blades have Non-structural matrix cracks, without damage the structural integrity of wind turbine blades. Guaranteed to prevent the direct causes of further crack/delamination growth, also with moisture percolation.

Wind Turbine Blade Repair for Severe Structural Damage

Damage to the turbine blade structure is common when the composite fibers are damaged, leaving deep straight, stepped, or tapered hole. MBWIND usually applies plug/patch and scarf repair to return the turbine blade to their original state.

After cleaning and shaping the damaged surface, we proceed to repair the turbine blade. The solutions for the patch are usually: a pre-impregnated composite fibre tape, using intermediate adhesive or preformed to the correct shape and subsequently bonded.

MBWIND is committed to repairing and completely overcoming defects, quickly damaged, technical reinforcement, strictly monitoring the status after repairing wind turbine blades.

wind turbine blade repair in Vietnam