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wind turbine inspection service with drone in Vietnam

There is no doubt that wind turbine inspection is considered one of the most demanding tasks in wind turbine operation and maintenance for both on shore and off shore in Vietnam or others.  Because the inspection of wind turbines requires high accuracy, meticulousness in each stage, and especially the requirements for occupational safety are always a top priority. Not to mention wind turbine which encompasses nacelle, hub and blade inspection is very complicated since the internal structure of the turbine may exist some structural problem that may be invisible from surface with the naked eye or other simple methods.

Understanding that, MBWIND has constantly searched for the most optimal and innovative solutions for this particular task. And the Wind Turbine Inspection with Drone Service was born as the most definitive answer to the problem of the safety and efficiency in the operation and maintenance of wind turbine both on shore and offshore, especially in Vietnam.


Benefits of Wind Turbines Inspection with Drones

Compared to other traditional methods, apparently, it seems that inspecting wind turbines by drone offer many advantages. Because there is no need to directly work at a height of 80 – 150 m at the top of wind turbine tower, workers can minimize the risk of occupational accidents or other undesired accidents. In addition, the inspection of wind turbines by drone not only can reduce implementation time by up to 75% and but also can still conduct without turning off the wind turbine for a long time like traditional manual inspection methods.

Specifically, the method of wind turbines inspection with drone can have outstanding advantages such as:

  • Ensure maximum occupational safety and health.
  • Save time.
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Enhance accuracy.
  • Flexible in working according to internal and external conditions.
Wind turbine inspection by drone in Vietnam

Wind Turbine Blades Inspection with Drone Service in Vietnam

Catching up with the current innovative technology trend, the application of wind turbine blades inspection by drone has been researched by MBWIND and is ready to serve customers anywhere anytime across Vietnam. With drone, the turbine blades which are almost 50-100m long, not challenging in inspecting and repairing wind turbines anymore. These drones can move along the length of the propeller to collect images and videos in the most comprehensive and detailed way, making sure not to miss any defects or cracks on the entire wind turbine blade surface.

MBWIND’s quality of images captured by drones always is provided with the highest resolution, which makes the process and analysis status implement quickly, thereby providing detailed inspection results and accurately detecting spots on the wind turbine blade (scratch, cracks, etc.).

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Wind turbine inspection by drone in Vietnam

Nacelle Covers Inspection with Drone Service in Vietnam

Besides turbine blades, MBWIND also provides nacelle inspection with drones services, helping to save maximum labor and construction time.

Compared with traditional methods, wind turbine inspection by drone, especially inspecting nacelle, saves a lot of time, thereby optimizing the construction schedule and finance. If inspecting a typical wind turbine takes 3 to 6 hours, the MBWIND’s drones with wind resistance, which make the turbine can be inspected in as little as 45 – 60 minutes. Thus, a full farm inspection of 15 turbines can be completed in as little as three days, saving up to 75% of construction time, not mention to other factor’s influence of on shore or offshore wind farm.

With thermal imaging technology, there are non-contact, non-destructive, and be able to inspect a large area for structural defects and weaknesses on the nacelle’s surface. With the infrared technology, our drone can provide detailed data regarding in nacelle surface by convey data through infrared radiation, facilitating for the analysis and information processing phase.

Wind turbine inspection by drone in Vietnam

Hub Rotor Covers Inspection with Drone Service in Vietnam

As a part set in a location with many joints, hidden corners, junctions, etc., the hub of wind turbines often takes a lot of time and rises to a range of challenges during the inspection process, both onshore and off shore wind farms, especially in the hard weather condition like Vietnam. However, with drones, MBWIND can simplify this problem in the most optimal way. The hub inspection with drone method provides accurate, close-up millimeter views of even the smallest potential defects, failures, and breaks.

Our drones are equipped with advanced sensors application such as thermal, infrared specially designed and calibrated to quickly collect information (data) and then use proper processing software to find all existing problems in internal or external structure, even damage as small as 5mm. Ensure the hub unit maintains structural integrity at all times, prolonging the turbine’s life and avoiding possible contingencies as much as possible. Especially we always consider giving a plan based on the actual conditions of Vietnam.

Wind turbine inspection by drone in Vietnam

MBWIND - The Leader In Wind Turbine Inspection in Vietnam Service

Wind turbine inspection by drone in Vietnam

Top Quality and Efficient Wind Turbine Inspection with Drone Service in Vietnam

We are constantly upgrading and improving technology, to bring our customers the most efficient and optimal drone inspection service in Vietnam with:

  • Non-contact and non-destructive inspection methods
  • Visualize temperature scale on any turbine surface: blades, nacelle, hub.
  • Inspect, measure and evaluate entire areas inaccessible or in hazardous locations.
  • Detect potential defects and damage.
  • Detect objects in dark, hidden, hidden areas.
  • Detects erosion and corrosion at the surface.
  • Check for abnormalities, assess potential risk.

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MBWIND'S Actual Image of Wind Turbine Inspection By Drone

Wind turbine inspection by drone in Vietnam
Wind turbine inspection by drone in Vietnam
Wind turbine inspection by drone in Vietnam


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